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Power aerobics and fitness of the yogi

we Invite to classes in the various directions fitness.

Classes are given individually and in mini-groups. The program of occupations provides itself drawing up the individual program of trainings, depending on wishes of the client and recommendations of the trainer.

Classes in the following directions are possible:

  • Power trainings
  • Aerobic loadings
  • Exercise on an extension
  • Occupation on exercise machines
  • Functional multilevel trainings
  • of the Yogi

Classes are given in the cozy equipped hall with good ventilation. In addition – a sauna, the pool, a sunbed and a massage office.

Time of occupations the contractual.


the Block from 5 individual occupations – of 4000 rub

Single individual occupation – of 1000 rub

the Subscription on 12 occupations in a month in group – 4000 rub

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Anisimov Olga

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Trainer teacher of power aerobics and yoga

Инструктор силовых направлений и йоги. club18