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gym Rent

Our fitness club offers services in leasing of halls, for carrying out trainings.

Gyms is in the protected territory, at us you can be quiet for the car.

To services of our visitors well-groomed rooms after repair, comfortable shower, toilets, locker rooms. And as table tennis, sauna, sunbed, massage, cedar phytobarrel, cafe.

Soft hall of martial arts of-120 m 2

Studio of dances and aerobics-100 of m 2 with a separate entrance and locker rooms

the Big hall of single combats of 160 m 2 , with a separate entrance and a locker room

On all questions of rent of a hall address by phone:

+ 7 (967) 116 18 81 or +7 (985) 338 21 69

Specially for the people interested in it, our fitness center carries out such service as gym rent. Thanks to it, you can receive in the order of any of three perfectly equipped halls. One of them is intended for carrying out occupations of dancing groups, and another for fans of martial arts. Our gyms will create to you all necessary conditions for implementation of your undertakings in fight or dance.

Rent of a hall of single combats can become excellent help, both for professional coaches, and for amateur groups. You rent our rooms for quite small payment, and in exchange you receive a fine place for trainings. In the first hall it is possible to be engaged in any of types of hand-to-hand fight or other single combat. We have all equipment necessary for this purpose including directly wide and convenient hall, fighting pears, wall bags and many other things. Rent of the sports hall carried out by you in our center will give the chance to you not only with success to practise the art, but also considerably to save thus since it isn’t necessary to buy expensive accessories and sport stock. All this is available at us available, and excellent quality of our sports equipment will give to your trainings still bigger effect.

If you plan to be engaged in carrying out dancing trainings, our gym equipped specially for this purpose, will suit you as well as possible. All the most necessary for dancers, including the latest machine, is in this gym. It will be suitable for occupations by any existing kinds of dances, beginning from sports aerobics, finishing classical ballet dance. Therefore gym rent in our center is a that choice which should be made immediately.

Besides, rent of a dance hall is, first of all economy of your means. It is very difficult to start practising any sport without the corresponding place for carrying out trainings. To get it with all necessary stock at once – it is extremely unreasonable and dangerous since this investment can not justify itself. Therefore sports hall rent at us in the center will be the reasonable and correct decision, in a type of its low price and an excellent format of the room.