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Seasonal discounts on: nanoprocessing, dry-cleaner and polishing

The car wash renders services in care of the car since 1993. For long operating time our sink stored a wide experience, increased quality of service, expanded a range of services. The car wash is capable to accept at the same time to 15 cars and the VIP boxing on one car.

We offer the following services:

  • Sink and complex cleaning
  • Dry-cleaner
  • Mechanical polishing
  • Toning
  • Complex of services with nanotechnology application

  • Exclusive services in a wash of your car are represented.
  • To regular customers of a discount.
  • Contracts with the organizations with payment on a clearing settlement are signed.
  • The car wash works with round the clock
  • Record on car wash
  • +7 968 859 0069
  • Record on a dry-cleaner and polishing and nanoprocessing
  • +7 985 410 70 58

Car wash price list