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XMA and Triking

X-treme Martial Arts

Extreme martial arts (XMA) is a new view on traditional martial arts. Improbable equipment of blows hands and feet, acrobatic jumps, original work with the weapon. All this puts XMA on a new step in development of martial arts, keeping spirit of military traditions!

It is a mix of various martial arts with elements of acrobatics, gymnastics and the Hollywood scenic tricks. It that you see on the screen, in movies.

XMA is an excellent tool for development of the vital skills, increase of spirituality and ability to put and succeed.

Tricking School by Street Union Team

We love Tricking!

Tricking – the sports movement representing a combination of movements from martial arts, gymnastics, a break dance and other sports disciplines for creation of a spectacular mix from rotations in the different planes, screws and blows feet.

Tricking School:
Goes a set to the section «Triking». All wishing who wants to begin classes in tracking can already begin trainings now, also who already has experience can come and perfect the abilities. Lessons will pass in a specialized place, first of all for safety of pupils and exits to the nature, in a warm season. Also discussion on a subject tracking and a careful explanation of equipment of tricks. Competitions, seminars and many other things Welcome!


Alexey Doronin
Alexey Laptev

The cost of the subscription on 12 occupations in a month – 3000 р