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Cedar phytobarrel in Moscow

фитобочка кедровая

The guaranteed loss of weight to 3 kilograms after the first procedure! ! !

COST is 1500 rub of hour.

Procedure takes place with the assistance of the expert of the phytotherapist.

The cedar phytobarrel is included into the list of the most demanded procedures of many improving centers. High temperature which is maintained in a phytobarrel, and also the steam sated with medical grassy collecting, affect an organism of the patient from all directions, thereby, carrying out versatile cleaning of an organism of slags. Regular soaring in a phytoflank increases immunity and promotes organism improvement. The phytobarrel cedar allows to support a good muscular tone, relieves of spasms and muscle pains, normalizes a metabolism, revitalizes nervous warmly vascular and many other systems of an organism. In a cedar barrel the body of the person is shrouded in couples of curative herbs and essential oils, blood vessels extend and sweating increases. Together with then the body leaves toxins and slags, and the organism is sated with useful substances. Warming up in a phytoflank allows to open and clear as much as possible skin pores, having absorbed in itself all useful properties of phytocollecting. Even single procedure considerably rejuvenates skin, doing it smooth and elastic.

phytobarrel cedar

Modern of a phytoflank cedar promotes fast weight reduction and disposal of cellulitis – 15 minutes in a phytoflank replace 5-kilometer jog! Deep warming up of fabrics destroys fatty deposits and brings them together with then out of an organism.


organism Cleaning.
Disposal of a syndrome of «chronic fatigue».
Disposal of excess weight.
Removal of stresses. Restoration and strengthening of nervous system.
Restoration and strengthening of cardiovascular system.
Increase of immunity, organism resilience to respiratory diseases.
skin Improvement, disposal of cellulitis.
At muscular overfatigue.
Rehabilitation from consequences of traumas and other diseases of the articulate and copular device.
Normalization of hormonal system.

Qualitative of a phytoflank in Moscow became available to everyone.

Contraindication :

Sharp inflammatory diseases.
Chronic processes in an aggravation stage.
Malignant new growths.
Good-quality educations with tendencies to growth.
Active tuberculosis.
Insufficiency of blood circulation is higher than 1 degree.
Thrombophlebitis of deep veins.
Vibrating arrhythmia.
Cardiovascular diseases of 2 — 3 degrees.
Hypertensive illness of 3 degrees.
Second half of pregnancy.
Within 6 months after the transferred heart attack.

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