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Personal fitness

Club 18 on invites to occupations by fitness. Our sports club offers the visitors the mass of sections and trainings for all tastes and desire, and also individual training fitness. Each come person to us plunges at once into the atmosphere of goodwill, friendship and comfort. The modern equipment, highly skilled instructors and trainers, flexible system of bonuses and discounts are only few reasons of why people choose our center.


The block from 10 personal trainings – 4000 rub.

The block from 5 personal trainings – 2500 rub.

Single occupation – 600 rub.


Kurjavskij Alexander









Power aerobic
Certificate FISAF




Training, Greek-Roman fighting
Master of sports (Russia)


If you looked for fitness clubs in the south of Moscow, could notice that it is a little of them and often they are inconveniently located, now this problem is solved – fitness club 18 in YuAO is located within walking distance from the subway Nagatinsky, near Varshavskoye Highway and near the subway Kolomna. We are always glad to welcome all, wishing to be engaged in the health and to work over a figure. Our club offers you also free protected place for your car. It is one more indicator of profitability of our center which will help you to preserve the means and doesn’t worry for safety of the car during occupations.

Coming to our club, each person will be able to choose the program of occupations suitable it.

Individual training fitness.

Occupations in a gym, even at observance of a diet and a regularity of trainings not always bring expected results. Various factors can be the reasons of failures in fight behind a beautiful body: the wrong loading and number of approaches to exercise performance, violation of equipment of performance of exercises, the wrong choice of the program of trainings or at all its lack of any system.

In such cases in the shortest way to achievement of the highest results individual fitness (occupations with the personal trainer) can become most. Many underestimate personal trainings, considering that can be engaged also on exercise machines without the assistance of the trainer. And it is wrong. The personal fitness coach will define your problem places, will hold testing of your organism, will make the program of trainings and a diet, will define loading. During individual occupations by fitness the trainer will supervise equipment of performance of exercises and loading.

Our sports club assumes carrying out occupations for people of any age and social statuses. In sports there are no restrictions, and we aren’t going to limit you to something. It is necessary to remember that it is given nothing at once, and therefore the patience and work of personal trainers on fitness will help you to progress day by day. It means that choosing fitness in club 18 near the subway Kolomna and Nagatinsky, you choose also patient and professional teachers who can really help you with improvement of the physical indicators.

To register in occupations and to ask all questions interesting you, you can by phone: (495) 604-43-47 .