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The school of a kickboxing of CLUB 18 invites to occupations of all who isn’t indifferent to this type of single combat. Professionals classify a kickboxing as symbiosis of shock single combats with use during a duel of boxing sports equipment.

It is impossible to designate exact date of «birth» of a kickboxing as martial art. Unlike other types of hand-to-hand fight, this full-contact single combat with application of powerful blows by hands and feet on the opponent. This sport combines traditions of the western and east fighting schools. So there were two branches of a kickboxing: modern American and more ancient Japanese which is considered logical continuation of Thai boxing.

The kickboxing section in CLUB 18 allows to be improved effectively both beginning, and to skilled athletes. Visiting trainings in our club, you for short term will comprehend shock and protective technicians, learn to own the body. The main task of fight is removal of the rival from balance for the subsequent drawing exact blow. Occupations in section on a kickboxing for adults allow to work all elements of single combat in details: jumps and blocks, dives, cuttings and throws.



Alexander Vadimovich Mizonov

  • Master of sports of the USSR
  • Trainer’s experience with 1993
  • I brought up several champions of Moscow and Russia
  • The pupil of Spartak since 1968

Alexander Mizonov



  • Twofold champion of Moscow
  • Champion of Armed forces
  • Winner of the All-Russian tournament of a class «A»
  • name of the hero of Russia Dzhabraila Yamadayev


Sarachinsky Andrey Vasilyevich

The master of sports of the Russian Federation on the Kickboxing

The candidate for the Master of sports of the Russian Federation on Thai Boxing (Muay Ty)


Children’s group

Monday — 18:00-19:30
Wednesday — 18:00-19:30
Friday — 18:00-19:30

Adult group

Monday — 21:00-22:30
Wednesday — 21:00-22:30
Friday — 21:00-22:30

The cost of 12 occupations in our section of a kickboxing makes:

Children’s group — 2 500 rub a month
Adult group — 4 000 rub a month

You can choose type of occupations convenient for you, considering level of preparation and result which you want to reach:

— individual trainings on a kickboxing;
— the main trainings in group;
— the personal a kickboxing coach in combination with group trainings.

<= «bold»> In 4-5 months of trainings you fully will master span class:

— basic elements of protection and attack;
— straight lines and being untwisted blows hands from a short and long distance (an uppercut, Jab, панч, хук and свиб);
— powerful, prompt equipment of blows feet (bek-kik, kresent-kik, pollacks-kik);
— the main styles of a kickboxing distinguished on volume of contact in a sparring (elements of light and full contact);
— to equipment of knocking-out blow.

Occupations in adult and children’s section on a kickboxing are carried out in a spacious hall convenient for trainings with all necessary equipment (a tatami, pears). The skilled trainer — Double Champion Moskvy and Armed forces — Alexander Mizonov will help you to perfect equipment of fight and to comprehend all subtleties of a duel. On achievement of a certain level of skill, you receive the next qualification category (belt).

CLUB 18 is located in close proximity with the following areas: Nagatino-Sadovniki, Nagatinsky Zaton, Mountain, Don, Moskvorechyem-Saburovo.