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the Sauna on Kolomna and nagatinsky.

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The best procedure of pleasant and useful improvement of an organism always I was and there is to this day a sauna.

Our a sauna on Kolomna the street offers you only the most healthy and comfortable rest from all possible options.

We not only have a convenient Finnish sauna with the air temperature and regulator pool with a countercurrent and a cold font , but also remarkable the room for rest, capable to satisfy tastes of any visitor, both the design, and comfort level.

Also for judges of medical procedures, our the sauna on nagatinsky suggests to use strongphytobarrel.

Action! The special prices in October!

с 6.00 до 22.00 – 900 рублей за час, до 7 человек

с 22.00 до 6.00 – 1200 рублей за час


Минимальный заказ сауны 2 часа.

You can order in a sauna svezheprigotovlenny our cook healthy food and drinks from cafe.

Saunas of Moscow юао

The cost of 1 hour of a sauna – of 700 rubles to 7 people. For these reasons our the sauna юао enjoys wide popularity among inhabitants of the capital.

Many of a sauna of Moscow юао are guided only by direct rendering services of «water» character. We adhere to that point of view that good healthy rest is possible only with existence of all appropriate conditions. Therefore in our sauna we create the general atmosphere of a cosiness and comfort. Specially for the clients the sauna on the nagatinsky possesses all necessary for good rest, as alone, and in the big company. Rooms for rest big, convenient and warm that does stay in it even more pleasant.

Our sauna юао is made available to the client for a period of two hours and more. This minimum time is calculated just for receptions directly stays in a sweating room and small subsequent rest. Choosing saunas of Moscow юао, clients have to take into account and our special offers which are available to them in the section of the prices, or by phones specified on a site.

Settling down in very convenient place of Moscow the sauna on the Kolomna is available in any time convenient to the client. Also our sauna юао gives the chance of the advanced order to the clients.

Pleasant and being remembered pastimes, excellent rest and mass of positive emotions is only small part of that will give you visit a sauna юао.