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sambo and judo Section

we Congratulate on the accession to Federation of Sambo of Moscow

Sambo and Judo for children and adults! In group and individually.

The sports club 18 invites inhabitants of YuAO and YuVAO of Moscow to individual and group classes in sambo and judo. Classes are given in three sections on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays:

- Children from 5 to 10 years – 16:30 cost of the subscription are 2000 rubles

- Juniors from 10 to 18 years – 19:30 cost of the subscription is 2500 rubles

- Adults – 21:00 cost of the subscription is 4000 rubles

The subscription includes 8 classes in the schedule and 4 occupations in a gym, according to the free schedule into the days off.


Classes are given by the master of sports of Russia

Petersburg Alexey

  • Pupil of TsO Sambo 70 Public Educational Institution school
  • Champion Moskvy on Sambo of 2008
  • Champion Moskvy on Judo of 2009
  • 9 multiple prize-winner of Moscow on Sambo
  • 5 multiple prize-winner of Moscow on Judo
  • The winner of a cup of Europe on Judo 2010 (Croatia)
  • The winner of a cup of Europe on Judo 2011 (Poland)
  • The prize-winner of a cup of Europe on Judo 2011 (Lithuania)
  • The prize-winner of a cup of Europe on Judo 2009 (Ukraine)
  • The numerous champion and the prize-winner of the international tournaments on Sambo and Judo, MS on Sambo, KMS on Judo, 10 years in professional sports.


Our club is located in the Area of Nagatino-Sadovniki near metro stations Nagatinsky, Kolomna, Kashirsky. Occupations for children are carried out to sambo and judo sections during daylight hours that children independently could reach after school lessons on occupations in our sports club. Classes in sambo and judo for adults are carried out to sections in the evening.

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Unlike boxing, karate and other shock styles of single combats, a basis of judo are throws, painful receptions, deduction and suffocations, both in a rack, and in orchestra seats. Blows and part of the most injury-causing receptions are studied only in shape ката. (Greco-Roman wrestling, free-style wrestling) judo differs from other types of fight by smaller use of physical force when performing receptions and a big variety of the allowed technical actions.

Possessing a considerable philosophical component, judo is based on two main principles: mutual aid and understanding for achievement of bigger progress, and also the best use of a body and spirit. Before engaged judo the purposes of physical training, preparation for hand-to-hand fight and consciousness improvement that demands discipline, persistence, self-checking, observance of etiquette, understanding of a ratio between success and efforts necessary for its achievement traditionally are set.
In addition, judo promotes development in engaged other positive qualities, such as moral, observation, memory and imagination .

On occupations in our sections on judo for children and adults at regular visit you will be able to reach good results in this type of martial art.