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Aikido Section


the Sports club «18″ invites to classes in aikido of children and adults. Trainings are carried out in two directions:

1. Fighting aikido

2. Sports aikido


Real Aikido.

The set of children from 6 to 11 years is open.

Leading Russian athletes led by Sergey Evgenyevich Borodulin , having the 7th is given on certification of the known founder of real aikido of Lyubomir Vracharevich (the 10th is given, Yugoslavia) is created obshchestvenny organization

«Center of Development of Aikido« in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation.

In team of trainers – prize-winners of the international championships and repeated champions of Russia on the single combats, having behind shoulders of ten years of trainings.

Gyms of «the Center of Development of Aikido» in Moscow and other cities of Russia will accept children and the adults, wishing to go in for this martial art.

The organization represents the World Center of Real Aikido and in clubs of Moscow, the Central Russia, the Volga region, the Urals, Siberia.

Efficiency of style and simplicity of trainings at our school are suitable for people of any age, level of sports preparation and physical development.

Seminars and certifications of «the Center of Development of Aikido» take place everyone some months.

In gyms – always the benevolent atmosphere, after all Aikido is not simply martial art with a set of methods and the technician, and harmony philosophy with the world, allowing effectively to neutralize aggression of the opponent, using his force, and, probably, to make of it the friend that is close to traditional moral of the people of our great country.



Trainer teacher of Aikido

Sinnikov Victor Vladimirovich


The cost of occupations in Real Aikido group:

The subscription on 12 occupations in a month – 3000 rub.

Single occupation of-400 rub.

Trial training – it is free


Small volumes aikido.

CLUB 18 invites boys and girls to occupations in an aikido sektsiiya. Small volumes aikido are represented by symbiosis of two types of single combats – judo and aikido. The history of this martial art originates in 40-60 of last century. The school of Tomiki-senseya was founded on two main technicians. For a victory in a duel it was used both inertia of the opponent, and the technician of judo, including painful receptions and captures.

Important that occupations in this direction are very demanded by young athletes as the most perspective, useful and interesting. The children’s section of aikido gives a self-confidence, cultivates self-discipline, strengthens muscles and joints, learns to own skillfully a body, eradicates complexes and develops harmoniously developed personality from the child. You bring into our section of children, since 7 years as it is the age most susceptible to aikido.


Our trainer Mantises Ivan Leonidovich

The second is given competitive Aikido (Small volumes)

Is engaged in competitive aikido since 2000.

To that your child after half a year of trainings in CLUB 18 will learn:
— to apply equipment to an ayki-dzyuets and judo;
— was able to use body turns at attack of the opponent;
— to the main receptions of self-defense;
— to assume responsibility for life and health of other person;
— to use the knowledge, avoiding cruelty.

In the course of occupations the trainer will certify children on assignment of the next belt, to hold seminars with Japanese colleagues on aikido, to organize competitions. Besides wishing will be able to seize a martial art боккен дзё – with the traditional Japanese weapon. Classes are given in a spacious, well aired hall for trainings with use of modern stock — wrestling tatamis and макиваров.

The personal aikido coach for children is it is very useful and it is important for the child, after all the timid and weak kid will trust in the instructor, will be liberated, it becomes stronger and surer.

Our school of aikido for children is located on Nagatinskaya Street that gives the chance to children living about stations Nagatinsky, Tula, Mountain, Warsaw, Nakhimovsky Avenue, Sevastopol, without problems to visit our section Small volumes aikido.

Aikido hall on Nagatinsky this only place in the south of Moscow where children can be engaged in competitive style of aikido.

Into the program of preparation enters: regular visit of trainings, certification on the next degree (belt), participation in seminars with Russian and foreign (including from Japan) instructors and, certainly, participation in competitions both regional, and the all-Russian level.


The cost of occupations in Tomiki-aykido group:

3 000 rub for 12 occupations.