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Gym in fitness in Club 18


The leading place in our club is taken by professionally completed gym. It is located on two floors on the area of 300 sq.m. and conditionally divided into some zones: cardiozone, zone of block exercise machines, racks for knee-bends, a zone of free scales. The hall has big panoramic windows and high ceilings.

We invite inhabitants of YuAO and YuVAO in the gym of CLUB 18 located at the address: 1st Nagatinsky Drive, 15. You can learn the cost of the subscription and the list of the services included in it by phone +7 495 604 43 47.

In club different types of exercise machines for each group of muscles are presented. Many of exercise machines are duplicated that allows at «peak» o’clock at a large number engaged in a gym, to carry out training with necessary time intervals between approaches, without standing «in line» to the necessary exercise machine.

In a hall constantly there is a duty instructor ready any minute to render to you the qualified help and support. You can always ask the instructor answers to questions on improvement of quality of carried-out exercises.

The gym is located near the subway Nagatinsky and Kolomna. Also to us it is easy to reach from the subway Kashirsky, Warsaw, Autofactory (location map).

In a gym people of any age category can be engaged: from school students to people of old age. For girls, we can offer sports preparation on aerobics. Aerobic occupations will improve your endurance and will give to your muscles a necessary tone. We have all necessary for improvement of your physical indicators.