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Vin Chun Kung-Fu

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About the trainer

Petrosyan Spartak Davidovich

In 2000, in 3 years of daily trainings, Spartak Petrosyan was certified on the fourth level of skill by the Vietnamese grandmaster Sant' Hee and Hvan Ving Zangom.
In 2001 Spartak is certified on the sixth level of skill the grandee by master Hvan Ving Zangom and the president of Federation Vin Chun Armenii Suren Avakyan. Same year Spartak, as a part of six best pupils of school participates in the international championship across Ush.
In 2002 was appropriated to Petrosyan Spartaku Davidovich a rank of the instructor. Same year Spartak Petrosyan opens school in Moscow – the Russia’s first school with technical base of the Hong Kong direction of the line of SP of Mang.
during 2004-2006 Spartak passes military service in FSB of the Russian Federation.
In 2006, having come back to teaching activity Spartak Petrosyan opens some sections of school in Moscow, in particular on the basis of Moscow Kodokan, SK «Chertanovo», a recreation center «Onega». In 2007 Spartak is presented by Moscow Kodokan for shooting of educational rollers of Sport TV channel.
In 2008 Spartak Petrosyan was chosen as the representative of the direction Vin Chun for the publication in the «Russian Union of Martial Arts of Dodze Kodokan» magazine.
In 2010 Spartak Petrosyan is certified on the 12th degree of skill by the head of the European Organization Vin Chun (EWTO) a grandmaster Keith Kernspekhtom.
In 2012 the author of the book «Other Vin Chun». The publication in the «Martial Arts — Keys to Perfection» magazine.



Our school was born in 2002. Same year the school carried out the Russia’s first public group (12 people) equipment demonstration Vin Chun on the basis of equipment of the Hong Kong direction Vin Chun Ip Mang on demonstration performances.
In 2007 representatives of our school took part in shootings of a series of educational rollers for Sport TV channel.
our club Chun unites people of keen Wines.
Vin Chun for us, is a way of spiritual and physical development of the personality, with each new step opening to us the new horizons of our opportunities. But first of all Vin Chun, this martial art, and any martial art is obliged to be effective. We are convinced by br that the only criterion of the validity of martial art is its efficiency in fight. The martial art Vin Chun it not a beautiful wrapper from loud names and the refined lines of continuity, martial art Vin Chun, is those, and only that knowledge and skills which will help you with a difficult life situation. And therefore we don’t consider br necessary artificially to exhaust ourselves in a framework of «traditional character» popular today to the detriment of practical efficiency of style.
We also don’t seek to find a beautiful sign to please to commercial benefits.
We don’t go on the way of preservation of traditions of continuity, we go on the way of improvement of applied aspects of style, focusing attention on practical efficiency of applied equipment.
We aren’t the official representative of any school, association or a grandmaster Vin Chun.
«Use only that really works. Also take it from everywhere where you can find. » – so I told legendary Bruce Li .
the Basis of our equipment the equipment of the Hong Kong direction Vin Chun makes the SP lines Mang – Leon Ting, however the best experience found reflection in our equipment, such grandmaster Vin Chun as Sant’ Hee, Hvan Vin Zang, Kate Kernspekht.
our doors are opened to get acquainted for all comers from Wines Chun irrespective of a sex, age and existence of the previous experience of sports activities or martial arts.