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Taekvondo – the type of martial art which isn’t knowing equal on power and efficiency of equipment

Taekvondo’s section ITF

Formation of a strong constitution and healthy lifestyle is an important task today. It is necessary to take the first steps of physical and spiritual development since the earliest childhood. For this reason the school тхэквондо CLUB 18 makes a set of pupils for occupations in children’s section.

To martial art тхэквондо more than 2000. Ancient royal tombs are decorated with the drawings representing soldiers, being in fighting racks тхэквондо. There is a mention and in ancient manuscripts about a certain system of fight which existed in Korea still B.C. Officially таэквондо it is registered as a sport in the middle of last century.

The section тхэквондо for children accepts participants of the most early age — since 4 years. Visiting trainings in our sports center, your child will create an excellent bearing, will learn to own ideally the body, will adhere to the basic principles of this martial art — self-control, honesty and courtesy. Regular occupations, sparrings and participation in sports duels will temper boys and girls, will make them strong physically and emotionally.

Classes тхэквондо for children are given in a benevolent, harmonious situation, and between the trainer and pupils close emotional contact is felt. Taekvondo — the technician of self-defense without weapon use which consists of blows in a jump with the purpose to strike one or several opponents. Being engaged in this type of martial arts, children will learn to count the forces and to keep the correct position of the case during working off of equipment of blows. Repeated trainings will allow the child to reach high concentration of attention and will strengthen a vestibular mechanism.



Igor Veryutin

  • The black belt of the 2nd is given
  • World champion of 2009 Switzerland
  • Numerous champion of Russia
  • Numerous champion of Yu.F.O.


Rami Akhumashev

  • The black belt of the 1st is given
  • The prize-winner of Yu.F.O on тхэквондо ITF
  • Silver prize-winner
  • free-style wrestling championship of Moscow

Cost of the children’s subscription:

12 occupations a month — 2500 rub.

If you plan the brilliant future for the child and you see it the winner of numerous duels, competitions and competitions, individual trainings on тхэквондо will be necessary for your child. On these occupations the child will be able not only to repeat already studied elements of military equipment, but also to perfect them to perfection. The personal trainer on тхэквондо will strictly follow the individual program of development of your child, attentively to trace correctness of equipment of blow, and also execution of jumps and blocks for more effective defeat of the opponent.




All trainers of CLUB 18 — true professionals who give classes, proceeding from the main criteria of justice, commitment and self-discipline. Group and individual trainings in children’s section тхэквондо are carried out by the world champion of 2009, the numerous champion of Russia, the owner of the Black belt (the 2nd is given) — Igor Veryutin. Your child with pleasure will go on each following training and to feel confident in any life situation.

Come to CLUB 18 together with the children! Our sports complex is located on Nagatinskaya Street, near metro stations Nakhimovsky Avenue, Tula and Warsaw.

Attention! ! ! We accept the smallest – of 4 years!