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For children and adults

For beginners and professionals

At your service – the best instructors, spacious halls for the occupations, convenient locker rooms

The cost of occupations is from 2000 rubles a month

Occupations are possible independently, in groups with the instructor, mini-groups and individually


Techniques of trainings

The training technique at our school of martial arts is constructed in the best world traditions of schools of single combats. All material keeps within on two courses: Initial (80 lessons) and for skilled (50 lessons). Each stage has own program of the passing which assimilation keeps within 12 months.
After passing of an initial course of trainings the pupil masters all necessary Basic Elements: positions, blows, movement, protection and combinations.
Further you are free to choose the training program in fight club. Get out from some options in the best way corresponding to its physical and mental qualities, and understand in more detail that they could be carried out «on the machine gun».
Call us in fight club by phone +7 495 604 4347 or leave the demand online. we will answer you all questions interesting you.


The fight Club 18 on the nagatinsky offers men, women and children personal and group occupations by martial arts.

Group trainings:

1 . Warm-up: The general physical preparation (jog, an extension, various physical exercise directed on a warming up of muscles)
2 . Additional warm-up exercises: jump rope, reaction working off.
3 . Equipment lessons: basic concepts about equipment of fight
4 . Work in couples: studying and working off of protection, blows and combinations, work in gloves
5 . Special exercises: work on pears, working off on paws, exercises with a gymnastic apparatus, a wall pillow, etc.
6 . Gymnastic exercises and power preparation.

The general duration of occupation is 90 minutes. Beginners of 60 minutes depending on physical preparation.

Individual trainings:


Warm-up, additional exercises, the equipment studying, special exercises, work on paws.

Duration of a lesson is 60 min.

Warm-up, additional exercises, studying of equipment of fight, work in gloves in couple, special exercises, work on paws.

Duration of a lesson is 60 min. and 90 min. With the trainer are engaged from 2 to 4 people.

Our fight club in Moscow will help you to learn to stand for itself and the relatives.

Occupations are possible in group, minigroup (to 4 people), and also individually.